Nov 9, 2015

KBTC #222

Congratulation to
Best Table Topic Speaker: Lee Chew Ling
Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Lee Chew Ling
Best Evaluator: Ken Chan
Theme: We are TEN, TEN, TEN, TEN.
Word of the day: DECADE
ASA1: Tony Ng
ASA2: Tony Ng
TME: Jen Soo
General Evaluation: Ler Kiat See
Grammarian: Ric See
Invocator : Vasanthi Francis
Table topics master: Jean Tan
Table topics evaluator: Danny Lim
Timer: Ken How
Ah counter: Vasanthi Francis
Table Topic Session
1. Tony Ng
2. James Yeap
3. Danny Kim
4. Lee Chew Ling
Speaker / evaluator:
3 advanced speech speakers / evaluators:
1. David Tan Yoeng Kang / Lim Gim Kim
2. James Yeap / Selina Chong
3. Chiew Ling / Ken Chan

Nov 6, 2015


by Klang Bilingual Toastmasters Club

Come and join us for a wonderful dinner party and speech activities at Card Cafe, Bukit Tinggi.
Entrance Fee: RM20 (refreshments included)
For more information, please contact: 

Sau Fun (017-2111289)
Chiew Ling (019-2416708)

Oct 22, 2015

KBTC #220

Regular Meeting 220th

Best Table Topic Speaker: Eng
Best Evaluator: Srinivas

Theme: Action is the foundation to all success
Word of the day: initiative 

ASA1: Tony NG / ASA2: Jim tan / TME: Sau Fun / GE: Srinivas / Grammarian: Ken How  / Table topics master: Ric See / Table topics evaluator: Yoeng kang  / Timer: Danny lim / Ah counter: Jen soo

Table Topic Session
1. Eng - My Vision In life
2. Ken - The Elements to Success
3. David - Challenges Behind A Success
4. James - How I Set My Goal

Prepared Speech Session
Speaker / evaluator: 
1. Kai hwang / Eng
2. Jean / Danny
3. Ken Koh / Srinivas

May 13, 2013

 We had our 167th meeting today.
The Theme is "Winning is not everything; but the effort to win is..
The TME isBey Shuw Chyi.She is the first timer as a TME. She prepared for the meeting and conducted the meeting very well. Her effort was recognized. She related the theme with a personal story of hers. That really attracted every one. James Yap took humor master role. He was a first timer also. He told a story of his school life why he liked to have eggs in his report card! He said that he always wants to make things differently. Table Topics Session was conducted by Francis Vasanthi. Five toastmasters took part in that session. After the intermission, the prepared speech session commenced by our Area Governor Mike Cheang. He delivered a speech from an advanced Manual- Special occasion Speeches. He delivered his speech wonderfully. The evaluation left out to the floor. After his assigned evaluator Inn Hoon, his speech was evaluated by Francis Vasanthi and Amy Gan and Ivy Cherng. We had three guests. All of them are delighted and conveyed their happiness by joining our club. Overall, we had a wonderful meeting.
Our next meeting will be on the 27th of May, 7:30 to 9:30p.m. in No.20B, Jalan Bayu Tinggi-5, Bayu Tinggi, Klang.

May 6, 2013

Our Next meeting will be on the 13th of May. All are welcome to enjoy the meeting.
Time : 7:30p.m to 9;30p.m.
Venue:20b,Jalan Bayu Tinggi -5, Bayu Tinggi.
Contact info:
David Siew 0126667915(President)
Francis Vasanthi 012 3344584 (VPPR)

164 th meeting

New Venue

Hello! Fellow toastmasters and friends,
Glad to inform that Klang Bilingual Toastmasters club has moved to a new venue.
The address is :
20b, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 5,
Bayu Tinggi,
It is located near Batu Unjur Higher Secondary School.

Mar 17, 2013

International Speech and Table Topic Contest
Date: 6th Mar 2013
Venue: Panmour Villa Hotel
Time: 7:30pm

Jan 28, 2013

160th Regular Meeting
21st Jan 2013, 7:30pm, PanMour Villa Hotel
Theme: Get It Done
TME: Michael Wong, CC

TME: Michael Wong, CC

Regular Meeting with 15 attendance

Table Topic Speaker: Tok Lee Choo, CC

Klang Bilingual Toastmaster Club Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Goals

Table Topic Master: Keng Wee Joe

Best Table Topic Speaker: Chang Sau Fen, Guest

Prepared Speech Speaker: Francis Vasanthi, CC, CL

Prepared Speech Speaker: David Siew, CC, CL
159th Regular Meeting
5th Jan 2012, 7:30pm PanMour Villa 
Theme: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn
TME: Patrick Lim, CC, CL

Table Topic Speaker

Table Topic Evaluator: Foo Mei Lee, CC, CL

General Evaluator: Selina Choong, Area Governor

Best Evalutor: David Siew, CC, CL

TME and Speaker: Patric Lim, CC, CL
158th Regular Meeting
17th Dec 2012, 7:30pm PanMour Villa Hotel, Klang
Theme: Listen to Your Heart
TME: Khor Seng Chin, TM

Table Topic Master: Keng Wee Joe, TM

TME: Khor Seng Chin, TM

General Evaluator: Sri, CC from Aathi Bilingual Toastmaster Club

Regular Meeting

Best Prepared Speech Speaker: Janet Fernandez, ACB, CL

Best Evaluator: Patric Lim, CC, CL

Best Table Topic Speaker: May Yin, Guest

President: David Siew, CC, CL

Sep 25, 2012

Contest Speaker Amy Gan

The GE Patrick Lim CC
Speech Evaluator Sivalingam DTM

Time Keeper Joe TM

Best Table Topic Speaker Shirley TM


The president honored the TME Chiam Tou Wee

The President honored the GE Patrick Lim CC.

President David Siew CC

153rd meeting of KBTC
Theme : Direction- Action-Patient
Word of the day - TRUST
Toastmaster of the evening : Chiam Tou Wee, TM
President - David Siew ,CC
Grammarian – Francis Vasanthi CC
Table Topic Master – Francis Vasanthi CC
Table Topic Evaluator – Eu Inn Hoon CC, CL
General Evaluator : Patrick Lim, CC
Speech Evaluator – Ivy Cherng ACS, ALB
Contest Speech Evaluator- Sivalingam DTM
AH counter – Foo Mei Lee- CC
Timer – Joe TM
Best Table Topic Speaker – Shirley TM

As an SAA Eu Inn Hoon , CC, CL started the meeting at 7:30 pm . After her role, the president delivered his welcome address. He gave us very detailed information about the date 23 in September. The speech was very informative. The table topic session was led by Francis Vasanthi. She prepared the topics which are related to the word of the day “Trust”. There were three assignment speakers, Tok Lee Choo, Siew Fong Wah and Amy Gan. Their speeches evaluated by Ivy Cherng ACS, ALB and Sivalingam DTM. He gave many excellent techniques for further improvement. The general evaluator Patrick Lim CC, expressed his gratitude to the club members who are always friendly. Toastmaster Shirley gave some tips to the contest speaker Amy Gan.   The meeting ended with the presidents closing address.

Aug 29, 2012

ASA2 Ivy Cherng ACS ALB


Project speech No.4- Francis Vasanthi

Project speech No.7 - Catherine Lim

ADV 3 The Moral of the story - Janet Fernandez ACB CL

Evaluation Rreport - David Siew

Language Evaluation - Ken Choong

Ah counter- Bey Shwu Chyi

Best Table Topic Speaker - Janet Fernandez

Best prepared speech - Janet Fernandez

Best Evaluator - David Siew

Theme : Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Toastmaster of the Evening - Ivy Gam, CC
General evaluator - Lee Meng Tze, DTM

 Best Table Topic Speaker - Janet Fernandez, ACB CL
Best Project Speaker - Janet Fernandez, ACB CL
Best Evaluator - David Siew, CC

As an SAA of the day,  Ivy Cherng, ACS ALB started the meeting. The president shared  a very special story related to the theme, " Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained". His welcome address made everyone to think. TME , Ivy Gam took over control from Ivy Cherng.

 The word of the day " Patience" introduced by grammarian Ken Choong, who is a new member, bravely took the grammarian role and did that wonderfully. The Table Topic session led by Khoo Ghee San CC CL. We had our 151st meeting  after the school holiday and the festive holidays. He prepared the titles related to festivals in Malaysia and about the independence day. He printed the titles with picture, attracted everyone. There are five table topic speaker." Be volunteer or you will be volunteered" by Janet made everyone to burst out of laugh.  Ivy Cherng, Francis Vasanthi, Janet,Joe and Catherine. Ivy had a chance to talk about deepawali. She mentioned that usually goes to Sivalingam DTM's house. She suggested to have it in a different way for the upcoming Deepawali, to the VPPR. Francis Vasanthi was given the title" August31". Janet talked about The Moon cake festival. Catherine impressed everyone with the given title" September 16- the Malaysia Day". Joe talked about Chinese Valentines day.  That Table Topic session was evaluated by Foo Mei Lee, CC. 
After the intermission, the second session has started. Three speeches were delivered. First speaker, Francis Vasanthi delivered her fourth speech, from CC manual, "How to say it", titled "Life has to go on". She used Lion King 1.5 movie and  a video from National Geographic programme to enlighten her speech. Second speech was done by Catherine Lim. It was her seventh speech from CC manual, "Research your Topic", titled "The untapped power". Even though visual aids are not necessary for this speech, she used power point presentation. That showed her eagerness and sincerity of her work. Third speaker told us a story about "Mat Jenin" with a twist at the end. Her posture, gesture, vocab, modulation attracted everyone.

The third session was took over control by the General Evaluator, Lee Meng  Tze,DTM, the president of IEM toastmasters. Michael Wong evaluated Francis Vasanthi's Speech. Catherine Lim's speech was evaluated by the GE and Janet's speech was evaluated by David Siew. After tha speech evaluation, grammarian report - Ken, Ah counter's report- Bey Shuw Chyi, timer report - Inn Hoon , were presented.

The awards presented by the President. The meeting ended at 9:30pm.
 SAA - Catherine Lim TM

Welcome address - The President David Siew CC

Toastmaster of the Evening - Tok Lee Choo TM

Table Topic Master - Foo Mei Lee, CC

Toastmasters and some guests are listening to a speech very sincerely.

Having some fun and enjoying the refreshment.

Bey Shuw Chyi is delivering her second speech for the first time in KBTC .

Michael Wong, CC is delivering his speech from his Advanced manual .

David Siew, CC is delivering his speech from his Advanced manual .

Best Table Topic Speaker - Ken

Best Evaluator - Janet Fernandez, ACB CL

The General Evaluator - Mike

Best Speaker - David Siew, CC

Distinguished club award presented to the Former and current presidents by the area governor 

The Guests

Newly formed Exco committee.